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Wauwatosa School Board Holds Election for Board Officers

Dr. Eric Jessup-Anger named Board President; Dr. Jenny Hoag elected Clerk


On Monday, July 11, 2022, the Wauwatosa Board of Education elected Dr. Eric Jessup-Anger to serve as Board President. With this appointment, the position of Clerk was subsequently left vacant, and an election followed, with a unanimous vote in favor of naming Dr. Jenny Hoag as Clerk. 


The election for School Board Officers typically takes place at the first meeting in May each year; however, following previous Board President Mr. Steven Doman’s resignation in mid-May 2022, it was necessary for the Board to hold the election for President on July 11. Following the election, Board roles include:


Dr. Eric Jessup-Anger, President, Seat #3

Mrs. Sharon Muehlfeld, Vice President, Seat #6

Dr. Jenny Hoag, Clerk, Seat #1

Mr. Michael Phillips, Treasurer, Seat #5

Mr. Michael Meier, Seat #2

Mrs. Leigh Anne Fraley, Seat #4

Mrs. Jessica Willis, Seat #7


Additional information about the Wauwatosa Board of Education can be found on the District website