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Wauwatosa High School Students and Staff Recognized at 68th Annual Deutscher Sprach-und Schulverein German Essay Contest and National AATG German Contest Award Ceremony

A Wauwatosa School District staff member and several students have been recognized for their contributions and academic performance by the Deutscher Sprach- und Schulverein (DSSV)

The German Language and School Society (DSSV) is a non-political, non-religious, and non-profit educational organization that aims to promote and stimulate interest in and understanding of the German language and culture. The DSSV recognizes German students for their outstanding achievement on the organization’s annual Essay Contest and the AATG National German Exam. 

The Essay Contest is open to students of all public and private schools in the state of Wisconsin who are presently enrolled in a German class. The German Language and School Society conducts its annual contest in conjunction with the comprehensive German language test sponsored by the AATG. To date, the Society has sponsored 68 annual German Essay Contests with more than 41,000 student participants, given more than 9,800 awards, and awarded more than 100 study and vacation trips to Germany to contest winners. 

“It fills me with pride to see our students and staff recognized for their linguistic talent,” stated Wauwatosa School District Superintendent Dr. Demond Means. “The Wauwatosa School District believes in fostering multilingualism and promoting cultural diversity, and our German language program has played a significant role in cultivating global perspectives and connecting our students to the rich heritage of German-speaking countries. These achievements are truly commendable.” 

Nineteen students from Wauwatosa West were recognized for their essays with cash awards including Steven Awve, Eliana Bauer, Aidan Connolly, Molly Cook, Ben Everts, Thomas Foesterling, Charlie Hannan, Eleanor Hannan, Lillian Kiracofe, Max Kuhn, Marisa Leveille, Henry Riordan, Alli Rogers, Louis Schauer, Emily Scott, Camille Socol, Julia Thompson, Skylar Weaver, and Robert Wilkerson. Students Carina Pelzek, Molly Frost, Anika Goodman, Mateusz Zielonka, and Carolyn Molter were also recognized with medals. 

Ten students from Wauwatosa East were recognized for their exam achievement with significant cash awards and certificates including Annabel Biasi, Anna Guckenberg, Frey Hankes, Nolan Klippel, Alissa Novalija, Goran Novalija, Emilia Ruginni, Alex Symms, Miles Williams, and Dan Zello.  The essays of Annabel Biasi, Frey Hankes, and Alissa Novalija were in the top 30 in the state of Wisconsin. Medals for achievement on the National German Exam were also received by Annabel Biasi, Nora Hankes, Nolan Klippel, Emelia Ruginni, Julius Ryan, Alissa Novalija, Goran Novalija, Alex Symms, and Dan Zello.

Wauwatosa West German teacher Ms. Karin Awve was also honored for her career contributions upon retirement and received the Wilma Giese Memorial Award, along with $500 cash.

Each year the National German Exam is given across the United States to approximately 20,000 students of German. Students are recognized with cash prizes, medals, and certificates from all levels of the challenging exam. Wauwatosa’s level 4-6 AP German students participated in the DSSV essay contest by writing a five paragraph essay on a specific topic in just 30 minutes.