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District Announces Asynchronous Attendance Procedures


Attendance records help the District support academic engagement in every model of instruction, allow our staff to build stronger relationships and increase a student’s sense of belonging in our school community.


During the first trimester, teachers took attendance for students participating in Phase Into Learning and Tosa Connected on their synchronous (live learning) days. As we move into the second trimester/semester, we will also take attendance in Infinite Campus on asynchronous (independent learning) days as well. 


Starting on December 1, 2020, attendance will be taken daily by classroom teachers on synchronous (live learning) days. On asynchronous (independent learning) days, we will collect attendance data utilizing Infinite Campus.


At the elementary (K-5) level, students will be marked as present if they (or their approved IC adults) “check in” using Infinite Campus ONCE during each week. Students in Cohort A must be checked-in on either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to be marked “present” for each asynchronous day that week. Students in Cohort B must be checked-in on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to be marked “present” for each asynchronous day that week.  


At the secondary level (6-12) students will need to “check in” using Infinite Campus each day, for each class, to be marked as present.


Click here for an adult check-in tutorial (elementary families only) 

Click here for a student check-in tutorial 


This check-in process does not measure student engagement or the quality of work completion. 


All students are required to attend school on both synchronous and asynchronous days. As with previous school years, daily automated calls will be made to families when a student is marked absent for synchronous (live learning) sessions. For asynchronous (independent learning) absences, families will be notified if patterns of non-attendance are observed by the School Administrator or Student Services staff. 


It is the Wauwatosa School District’s expectation that students attend and participate in learning experiences whenever they are offered. For any day that your student(s) will be absent, please contact your school office to alert them of the reason.  


Families must contact the school each day that your student will not attend their synchronous (live) or asynchronous (independent learning) learning session(s).  Any unreported absences will be considered unexcused.  


If you have questions, please contact your building principal directly.