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Wauwatosa School District Partners with Summit Clinical Labs for On-Site Testing

The Wauwatosa School District has partnered with Summit Clinical Labs to provide students and staff with optional on-demand COVID-19 testing starting on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. On-demand testing is only available for students and staff who become ill during the school day. Individuals in quarantine, isolation or individuals who become sick while not in school are not eligible for on-demand testing. Please see below for the protocol we will follow: 

  1. Student arrives in the office or health room with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. 
  2. Administrative Assistant/Health Aide calls the student’s parent/guardian and advises that the student must be picked up immediately due to illness symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Administrative Assistant/Health Aide also asks if the parent would like to have their child tested for COVID-19 at school.
    1. If the parent/guardian does not want their child tested in school by Summit Clinical Labs, the parent must take the student home immediately and follow the district’s return to school guidelines after illness
    2. If a parent/guardian wants Summit Clinical Labs to test their child at school, Administrative Assistant/Health Aide calls Summit Clinical Labs to arrange the test. 
      1. When the Summit representative and parent/guardian have arrived on campus AND when the parent/guardian has completed the consent form, the Summit representative will test the student for COVID-19 using a rapid result antigen test. The sample will be collected via nasal swab. 
      2. Administrative Assistant/Health Aide records the student’s testing consent in Infinite Campus. 
    3. After testing, the parent/guardian will take the student home for the rest of the day. 
      1. Summit will release the test result to the student’s parent/guardian and to the District Nursing Team. 
        1. If the student’s test result is negative, the student may return to school when feeling better (for fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, the student must be symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medication before returning to school). . 
        2. If the student’s test result is positive, the District Nursing Team will provide isolation instructions and begin contact tracing. 

Please note that in order for students aged 17 and under to be tested, their parent/guardian
must complete a consent form. Individuals aged 18 and older may complete their own written consent form. Under no circumstances may an individual be tested for COVID-19 by Summit Clinical Labs in our school building without a signed consent form.

Regardless of age, Wauwatosa School District and Summit Clinical Laboratories require all students participating in testing in our buildings to be a willing participant. Neither Wauwatosa School District staff nor Summit Clinical Laboratories staff will restrain or force a student into testing. Summit Clinical Laboratories will encourage and provide verbal direction to students through the testing process. District staff can also offer support when testing during the school day. If a parent/guardian is present, they may choose to help their child sit still or keep hands away from their face while testing.  However, if a parent/guardian needs to hold their child down or provide other physical restraint, the Wauwatosa School District requires families to seek testing through another facility and encourages them to use their child’s primary medical provider.

Once a consent form has been signed, returned and recorded in Infinite Campus, the student can participate in future COVID-19 testing without a separate written consent form for each occurance. Parents will still need to provide verbal consent for each test.  Please reach out to a member of our nursing team with any questions or concerns. For a list of community testing sites, please click here