East High School Counselors

  • Course Change Request Parameters

    Changes will be considered for the following reasons only
    1. If a student needs to change levels (for example, math level should be adjusted higher or lower to meet the student’s needs). 
    2. If a course has been eliminated due to low enrollment. 
    3. A conflict exists in the student schedule that prevents them from taking one or more of the classes they selected during the registration process. 
    4. A student was mistakenly scheduled into an incorrect class. 
    5. The Student Services Team deems that a schedule change is in the best interest of the student. 
    6. A student was placed on a waitlist for a closed class and a seat became available. 
    The following are examples of reasons to change a course selection that are no longer honored:
    1. The student failed to complete required summer work for an Advanced Placement course they selected. 
    2. The student was not able to complete the summer school class(es) they registered to take. 
    3. The student would like to drop a class selected because of a change in interests. 
    4. The student is not happy with the assigned lunch period. 
    5. The student would like to change teachers. 
    6. The student would like to be in classes with friends. 
    7. The student would like to change elective classes.
    8. The student would like to have certain classes scheduled during particular times of the day (for example; I do better when I have Math first thing in the morning).