• The Vel R. Phillips Juvenile Justice Center School is located in the Milwaukee County Children's Court Building. A Wauwatosa School District staff provides educational services to all Milwaukee County children who are placed in secure detention by the Wisconsin Juvenile Court System. Our student population fluctuates on a daily basis from 80 to 200 students. Instruction is delivered consistent with an alternative education model as students attend classes with their living groups, rather than in age or grade levels. We provide instruction in the basic curricular areas as well as in Art and Physical Education.  Our Juvenile Justice Center School staff provides a positive, full-day, school experience for our students to build on when they return to their home school.


    Curriculum/Grades/Report Cards/Credit 

    Our students attend a regular five-period school day. Our highly qualified teachers offer a standard curriculum including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Physical Education, Fine Art and other subjects. 

    In some cases, Juvenile Justice Center teachers work directly with a student's previous or next school. Teachers assist students completing assignments from their home schools and proctor tests upon request. Parents or guardians are encouraged to contact home schools and open communication lines so that students can successfully complete courses they began before entering the Juvenile Justice Center. 

    Students' work is graded on a regular basis. Progress Report Cards can be issued after a student has been enrolled for 20 days. An authorized person must call the Juvenile Justice Center School office at (414) 257-4857. 

    We encourage students and their guardians to inform the home school of attendance at Juvenile Justice Center School. Schools then contact our office to get an official record of attendance and courses. At that point it is anticipated that the home school would issue credits based on work at both facilities.

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