• Welcome to Children's Wisconsin

     The Hospital Schoolroom is located on 9 West

     School attendance 

    The school program provides children with a welcome and reassuring routine during hospitalization. Participation in educational activities allows children to keep up-to-date with schoolwork and to keep their mind off illness and hospitalization. 

    Benefits of the program

    • The children are taught one-on-one at the bedside or in the hospital schoolroom.
    • The hospital schoolteacher works with the children's regular teacher to plan daily lessons.
    • A daily routine is established for each child.
    • The children are given a chance to work on academic skills and to keep pace with classmates.

     Who may participate? 

    Children in grades 4K-12 who are inpatient at Children's Wisconsin may participate in the school program.  Although the program is provided by the Wauwatosa School District, children from any school district may participate.  There is no cost to parents for the school services. 

    How to access school services

     Teachers often seek out students in order to offer school services

    • Children's Wisconsin staff can make a referral to the school teachers
    • The teacher meets with the parent and child to discuss the school program and to set up a school schedule
    • The parent or legal guardian completes a consent form given to them by a hospital teacher and this gives permission to contact the students home school 

      How parents can help 

    Parents should bring textbooks, worksheets and assignments to the hospital as soon as possible. 
    Parents should encourage their child to participate in the school program.