• Students need to be in school every day unless they are ill or have other justifiable cause for absence.  We can only teach children when they are present and they learn from the social context of school. Teachers prepare interesting motivating lessons involving group work, experiments and classroom practice.  Much of what we do cannot be made up at home. You can help us maintain good attendance by:

    • Making doctor and dental appointments after school or on days off,
    • Planning vacation and out of town trips when school is not in session, and
    • Setting a good example with your own attendance at work.

    Please click here to review the Wauwatosa School District’s Attendance Policy


    If a child becomes ill at school they will be allowed to rest for a short period of time in the health room.  If they are unable to return to class parent/guardians will be notified and asked to pick the child up and take them home to rest and recover.  To return to school after illness your child must:

    • Be without vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours without the use of medications, and be able to keep down food and water.
    • Be without an uncontrolled or a persistent cough
    • Have an oral temperature less than 100 degrees without the use of medications
    • Feel well enough to take part in a regular school day

    Please review the information below when determining if a child should be kept at home.

    Communicable Disease

    Report all cases of communicable disease as soon as possible to the school office and the Wauwatosa Health Department at 414-479-8936. Students should be kept home from school if they exhibit any signs of a communicable disease.

    Doctor/Dental Appointments

    Appointments should be scheduled outside of the school day and during vacations.  If this is not possible, excused absences will be granted if you provide a doctor’s excuse. Per Wisconsin statutes, doctor’s note excusing students for chronic illnesses must be renewed every 30 days.  Teachers work hard developing lesson plans. You can help by scheduling all non-emergency appointments when school is not in session.

    Returning to School After Absence

    Students should present a note from a parent stating the nature of the illness or absence in order to be re-admitted by the principal or authorized representative unless this was stated on the message left for absence.  For absences of five (5) days or longer due to illness, a note from a physician with a reason for absence is required. When possible, it is desirable to notify the school in advance if your child is going to be absent for reasons other than illness. For any absence, it is suggested that parents call the office to request that assignments be collected for pickup after school or sent home with another sibling/student.  The school office is open until 4:00 p.m.


    Our children are learning life-long habits and it is our job as adults to help them learn the skill and importance of timeliness.  Please help your child learn to be on time by coming to school on time. Coming in late, your child regularly misses the opportunity to be greeted by everyone, settle into the day, learn the schedule for the day and generally get off to a positive start.  We ask that parents work with the school to ensure that students arrive on time.

    • Your child is expected to arrive at school and enter at the first bell at 8:15 a.m. A tardy bell rings at 8:25 a.m.
    • If your child is late for school, please escort him/her report to the school office or have them present a note from you explaining the reasons for tardiness.  He/she will be marked “excused tardy” and then sent to their homeroom. A student who comes to school tardy without a phone call or note from a parent will be marked “unexcused tardy”.
    • Parents, teachers, and the principal will address cases of chronic tardiness.

    Process for Notification:

    • 5 tardies - Teacher notification and phone call home
    • 10 tardies - Contact from principal and conversation along with letter home
    • 15 tardies - Conference with principal, teacher, and other school personnel (Social Worker, Counselor) additional letter sent home.
    • 20-25 tardies - Warning letter sent from School/S.R.O., referral to Wauwatosa Circuit Court for Tardiness/Truancy Citation

    Please click here to review the Wisconsin State Statute 118.15 and 118.16 - Answers to Frequently Asked Compulsory School Attendance Questions Document

    School Security: Raptor Sign-In Information

    The District utilizes the Raptor vSoft visitor registration system which enhances school security by reading the government issued photo ID of visitors at every building. This system is in place to keep unwanted visitors from entering our buildings while helping track those that are in the building in case of an emergency.


    Visitations should be pre-scheduled with the school office or classroom teacher.  All visitors should stop in the office and obtain Raptor registration and visitor pass.  

    Crossing Guards

    A school crossing guard is on duty for very limited amounts of time, typically about 15 minutes before and after school.  Children should not enter the street until the crossing guard has stopped all traffic and has given permission to cross. The crossing guard company is hired by the City of Wauwatosa, not the school district.  Parents should call Wauwatosa City Hall, 414-479-8915, if they have questions or concerns about crossing guard services. Crossing guard schedules may change on a yearly basis. If your child walks to school, please check for any changes.

    Inclement Weather

    The District will send out an automated phone message, email or text message to notify families of a school closing due to weather.  Information about the closing of schools will be broadcast on these area stations television stations: WTMJ – Ch. 4, WITI – Ch. 6, WISN – Ch. 12, WDJT – Ch. 58. In addition, school closing information will be posted on the homepage of the district website, and on district social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. If school is held under conditions you believe to be unsafe, you have the option of keeping your child at home. The school will respect your decision, however, please remember to call the attendance line.

    Field Trip Or Other School-Sponsored Activities

    Prior to participating in school field trips, students must return a signed field trip parental consent form to the supervising teacher. All school rules and regulations fully apply to students while participating in field trips.  If we cannot guarantee a student’s safety utilizing all of the resources we have available, we will request a parent attend the field trip with their student. If a parent is unable to attend, and we cannot guarantee their student’s safety, we reserve the right to exclude that student from the field trip and provide them with an alternate activity to meet the curriculum requirements.

    Late Buses

    The district offers late bus pick-up for students who participate in the Chapter 220 agreement with Milwaukee Public Schools. This is for students who participate in after-school activities, clubs or organizations that meet at school.  The late bus picks students up at 4:30 p.m. and drops them off at their home.  Each child is responsible for notifying his/her parent/guardian if they will be staying late.  Children need parental permission to stay late and must follow the schedule. If we do not have parental permission, the child will be placed on their regular afterschool bus.