About the Wauwatosa School Board

  • The School Board elects officers annually, at the first May board meeting.  School Board officers include a president, vice-president, treasurer and clerk.  Officers are elected to a one-year term, and the president and vice-president are not eligible for more than two successive one-year terms.  Election is by nomination and ballot.

    The superintendent is annually appointed secretary for the board.  In practice, the superintendent's administrative assistant takes minutes at the board meetings.

    The president of the School Board presides at Board meetings, managing the discussion and ensuring that all board members have an opportunity for input.

    School board member contact information can be found below. 

Comments + Questions

  • Before contacting a member of the School Board, stakeholders are encouraged to follow the District's Steps to Issue Resolution, which includes speaking with the following individuals (in this order): appropriate staff member, building principal, department director, department chief, and the Superintendent. If a concern was not adequately resolved, then please contact any/all members of the School Board. 

    If you wish to submit a public comment to the Board, please email publiccomment@wauwatosa.k12.wi.us

    If you wish to ask a question related to a presentation made during a School Board meeting, please complete this form. Questions are due nine (9) days after the presentation was made to the Board. 

  • eric photo

    Dr. Eric Jessup-Anger

    Seat #3
    Term:  2017-2025
    (303) 547-2924

  • Dr. Jenny Hoag

    Seat #1
    Term:  2022-2025
    (414) 202-6394

  • mike photo

    Michael E. Meier

    Board Member
    Seat #2
    Term:  2004-2025
    (414) 456-9500 



    Jessica Willis

    Board Member
    Seat #7
    Term:  2022-2023
    Phone: (614) 648-1111

  • sharon photo

    Sharon Muehlfeld

    Vice President
    Seat #6
    Term:  2005-2023
    (414) 475-6190

  • michael phillips photo

    Michael Phillips

    Seat #5
    Term:  2017-2023
    (414) 588-8289

  • Leigh Anne photo

    Leigh Anne Fraley

    Board Member
    Seat #4
    Term:  2017-2023
    (414) 943-5108