Middle School STEM Program

  • At the middle school level, you and your child will be able to make choices about various opportunities.  One such opportunity at the middle school level is the Middle School Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program (MSTEM).  

    The goal of this program is to ignite student passion for science, technology, engineering, and math through an integrated project-based curriculum, which provides students with highly interactive, hands-on, group activities built around STEM concepts.  Project-based units are designed to emphasize collaborative learning, critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and effective experimental design.  Through these activities, students grow in confidence and curiosity while gaining critical 21st-century skills.

    Students’ overall coursework is focused on STEM, but they have the opportunity to take electives throughout their three years in the program, including art, business education, family and consumer education, music, technical education, and world language.  Students also take physical education every other day all year. Below is a list that shows each grade level’s requirements and electives.

    This program is limited in size and a lottery process is used to fill open seats.  Available seats at the three grade levels are determined by the administration.  Students apply for MSTEM enrollment by completing an application, which is entered into a lottery process in late February or early March.  Students who are currently enrolled in MSTEM continue their enrollment for their middle school experience unless they opt out of the program.  Please contact your school counselor for more information on MSTEM and the application process.

    The District does also send out lottery dates generally each January.

    *The application period for Wauwatosa STEM, Underwood STEM, Middle School STEM, and Wauwatosa Montessori School is Feb 6 thru Feb 24, 2023 at 4 pm. Enrollment into these schools/programs is done by lottery. 
    STEM applications will be completed by parents/caregivers through their Infinite Campus account.  Parents/caregivers should submit a helpdesk ticket if they are unable to log into their Infinite Campus account.