• Welcome to River Hills.

    The Wauwatosa School District has provided educational services since 1977 when we began providing school services for patients at the Milwaukee County Child and Adolescent Treatment Center (C.A.T.C.). These services have continued at the River Hills School located in the Milwaukee County Mental Health Center. River Hills School moved to its current location at 9455 Watertown Plank Road in 2001. 

    Patients age three to twenty-one are admitted to C.A.T.C., now called Children and Adolescent Services, for treatment of serious emotional problems manifested by physical and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, eating disorders, conduct disorders and truancy. The daily census at River Hills School ranges from fifteen to twenty-five students separated into an elementary and a secondary classroom. Over the course of the school year, education services will be provided for almost seven hundred students. Students may be placed at River Hills School for one day or as long as four or five weeks. 

    River Hills School is staffed with two teachers, special education aides and an administrative assistant. The teachers at River Hills School have both regular and special education teaching licenses. The teachers have expertise in teaching students with emotional, cognitive and or learning disabilities. Occupational and music therapy and psychological testing are provided through Children and Adolescent Services. The teachers use a multidisciplinary approach to address the needs of students with varied academic skills and different learning styles.

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