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    Part of the Wauwatosa School District's Strategic Plan is to operate as sound stewards of our resources. The Business Services Department works diligently to help fulfill this objective through the District's budget while supporting opportunities to enhance student's educational programs and experiences. The District is currently debt-free and has long-maintained a conservative approach to our finances. 

    In addition to creating and managing the District's budget, Business Services is also responsible for:

    • financial accounting and reporting
    • payroll and fringe benefit administration
    • property accounting
    • purchasing
    • inventory control
    • cash management &  cash investments
    • management of debt service and construction fund
    • internal and certified audits.
    • Oversight of Food Services and Buildings & Grounds Departments
    • Rental of District facilities


    Renting a School Facility

    The school board may rent school facilities to responsible organizations for civic, educational, cultural, religious, political or recreational meetings at which admission may or may not be charged. Such usage will be granted only upon payment of the approved fee, demonstration of insurance coverage and upon the execution of an approved agreement from outlining the following conditions:

    A. Organizations applying for such usage must clearly outline on the designated and approved agreement form the membership and purpose of the organization, the type of meeting desired, and the purposes to which the net proceeds of such usage will be devoted.

    B. The designee(s) of the superintendent of schools is authorized to grant usage where statements made in the application and agreement clearly meet the intent and purposes of this policy and where the proceeds are to be used for community purposes.

    C. Such usage may be scheduled subject to availability and shall not be allowed to interfere with or circumvent the orderly conduct of curricular, extra-curricular or recreation use.

    D. There shall be no Sunday use of school facilities for any purpose by community groups. Permits can be issued for activities after 12 p.m. on Sundays for outdoor facilities.

    (From School Board Policy #7510)

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