• The Forensics program offers students the opportunity to develop variety of public speaking and drama activities. The forensics team competes against other high school teams at invitational contests, tournaments, and in statewide competition. The forensics season runs from November through April. There are the 18 categories of speech or drama. This slideshow explains them in more detail.
    Each season each student chooses one category and then develops a performance in it. Many students who join forensics tend to be shy and want to "crack their shell" around other shy students. Eventually, they develop greater confidence in themselves. They also attain a higher level of soft skills that employers are looking for today. Furthermore, they tend to perform better in speaking assignments in their classes, which improves their grades. The 18 categories in forensics are:
    1. Demonstration Speaking
    2. Duo Interpretation
    3. Extemporaneous Speaking
    4. Farrago
    5. Group Interpretive Reading
    6. Impromptu Speaking
    7. Informative Speaking
    8. Moments in History
    9. Oral Interpretation of Literature
    10. Oratory
    11. Play Acting
    12. Poetry, Interpretation of
    13. Prose, Interpretation of
    14. Radio Announcing
    15. Solo Acting Humorous
    16. Solo Acting Serious
    17. Special Occasion Speaking
    18. Storytelling

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