• The Global Education Achievement Certificate (Global Scholars) is an exciting program available to any student who is studying a foreign language.  This program allows students to explore global issues, use their second language in context, expand their multicultural experiences.  Students graduating from Wauwatosa East and Wauwatosa West high schools may be awarded the distinction of Wisconsin Global Scholar through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction if they have completed the following requirements:

    • Four consecutive years in one world language while in high school. (B or better).
    • Four credits (1 year= 1 credit) with global content. One of those credits may be one year of a second world language. (Min. B or better in Global Content courses).
    • Reflections on eight books (fiction or non-fiction) with global content. Alternately, up to four reflections may be on art, music, or film.
    • Participation in school-wide global activities with completed reflections.
    • A minimum of twenty (20) hours of global service learning with completed service learning log and reflection.
    • A yearly, student self-evaluation with descriptive feedback from an adviser using the Global Leadership Rubric.

    Contact Catherine Munoz at for more information.

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