Mu Alpha Theta

  • Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Junior College Mathematics Club. We are also participants in the Wisconsin Math League. Our goal is to help enrich the mathematical experience and explore the world of math. Any student interested in mathematics may attend the meetings or competitions of the Wauwatosa East Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta.

    To be a member in good standing, a student must have completed the Algebra and Geometry courses and have a grade point average for these courses of 3.1. Members are required to attend at least half the meetings per year to earn a certificate of participation.  There are two types of meetings that occur throughout the year. There are numerous presentations that members put on throughout the year, and there are math contests that the members may participate in throughout the year. We meet on a bi-weekly basis.

    If you would like to learn more about Mu Alpha Theta and the Wisconsin Math League, please contact Mr. Yosef Scott through email at

Contact Information


    Yosef Scott, Math Dept.