Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Cassandra Foreen

Hi! My name is Cassandra and I am currently located at Eisenhower Elementary, in the front office. I love working with the kids and building a rapport with them. It's been such a wonderful time getting to know their personalities and watching them grow. 

I fell in love with Wauwatosa before I lived here and knew that it was the place that I would want to raise a future family. More than a decade later, I am proud to have my two boys in the Wauwatosa school district, while I give back and invest within the schools on a personal and professional level. I enjoy my service as a PTA Treasurer at my sons school and my clerical position at Eisenhower. There is something to be said about feeling like you have family, no matter where you go in Wauwatosa.

I have a background in AODA counseling for federal and state clientele. I feel as though my natural compassion, understanding and empathy for others flows into my everyday life working with children and their families. 

I also enjoy making and preserving memories. I have turned my photography hobby into a business and love seeing families come alive and interact in front of the camera while I capture those sweet smiles and belly laughs. 

My motto in life is to focus on what really matters and be positive. The more positivity we can put into the universe, the better we are all off!