Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Claire Pankratz

I am very excited to be in my 3rd year as the Educational Library Assistant at Washington School!  I love books & reading and guiding children towards the perfect book is a real pleasure.  I started my career teaching K4 & K5 for MPS.  I stayed home with my 3 children for several years and was very involved at their school (Roosevelt).  My return to teaching brought me to Wauwatosa Nursery School where for 6 years I taught 4-5 year olds.  I then spend 4 years subbing almost full-time here in Wauwatosa before accepting the position in the Washington library.  I am here Monday-Wednesday and I still substitute teach occasionally on Thursdays & Fridays.                       Books exercise a child's imagination and open up their mind to worlds of information and excitement and it is a priveledge to be to be part of this growth.