At McKinley, we will use Blackboard Connect on a regular basis to provide families with information about the activities at school. The PTO provides a weekly newsletter, and once a month this will be combined with a McKinley newsletter that includes other pertinent information as well as the PTO news. Dr. Hoffmann will also use Blackboard Connect to send out periodic announcements or reminders to keep you informed. Please be aware that these will be sent to the email address marked primary on your child’s enrollment form. In the rare instance that phone alerts are sent out, they will be sent to the phone number marked primary on the enrollment form. In order for us to be able to communicate with you effectively, it is essential that you update your email and phone number when there is a change. Information and flyers will also be available on the McKinley website:  https://www.wauwatosa.k12.wi.us/McKinley

    The Wauwatosa School District superintendent and administration communicate with families through email messages using the Blackboard Connect system to send letters form the superintendent, a monthly e-newsletter or other items of interest including safety information.  Phone messages through the Blackboard Connect system will be used for school cancelations and emergency safety information.

    The District website also provides answers to a variety of questions and includes updates on activities throughout the district. The District Facebook page and McKinley PTO Facebook page include postings about upcoming school or District events, community events, photos, and links to articles of interest to families.


    While school fees and the school district budget provide most of the items your child will need for school, we recognize that part of the anticipation of preparing for the school year is shopping for supplies.  Purchasing items is encouraged.  School supply lists can be found on the McKinley website by going to: https://www.wauwatosa.k12.wi.us/McKinley. Supply lists are under “Quick Links”.