Coming & Going


    The playground is supervised between 8:05-8:15 a.m. daily and during recesses.  Children should not arrive before 8:05 a.m. After school supervision is not available.  All students are expected to go directly home at the end of the day and work out any play dates or rides home prior to coming to school.  



     hug and go  


    McKinley Elementary School would like your support in addressing the safety problems and traffic congestion around the school. To increase the safety of our students please follow these guidelines when dropping off or picking up students:

    The cut-out areas along 89th street and 90th street are a “Hug & Go” zone.   They are for ACTIVE loading and unloading ONLY.
    Using the “Hug and Go”

    Drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times.

    • Drive clockwise around the school during drop-off (8-8:20 a.m.) and pick-up times (3-3:30 p.m. except for Wednesday 2-2:30 p.m.).
    • Please avoid parking on streets adjacent to school.  See map for “preferred” parking locations.
    • Always yield to children and adults in the crosswalk.
    • Please do not walk your child across the street into oncoming traffic. We ask that you use the designated crosswalks!
    • Please, no cell phone use or texting in school zones!
    • Be kind and respectful to other students, other drivers, and our neighbors.



    All doors are locked for security reasons. Please use the main doors on 89 th Street to enter the building, and stop at the school office to let us know you are here. Please do not coax students or staff to let you in other doors. They are instructed not to open doors for strangers. Adults picking up children from Right at School after school must use the 90 th  Street entrance.

    Assignments for Absentees

    For any absence, it is suggested that parents/guardians call the office to request that assignments be collected for pickup after school or sent home with another sibling/student. This request should be made by noon if assignments are needed at the end of the day to allow for teachers to prepare lessons and activities that have been missed. Remember, invaluable instruction time - that cannot be recreated by make-up assignments - is missed by your child when they are not at school The school office is open until 4 p.m.


    A school crossing guard is on duty at Swan Boulevard/Meineke and at North Avenue/90 th Street for very limited amounts of time, usually about 15 minutes before and after school. Children should not enter the street until the crossing guard has stopped all traffic and has given permission to cross. The crossing guard company is hired by the City of Wauwatosa, not the school district. Please call Wauwatosa City Hall, 479-8915, if you have questions or concerns about crossing guard services. Crossing Guard schedules may change on a yearly basis. If your child walks to school, please check for any changes.

    Cold or Rainy Arrivals

    A large blue dot on the windows of the doors by the main entrances on 89 th Street and 90 th Street will indicate INDOOR recess or arrival time. During especially cold or rainy weather before school, students will come inside to the gym where there is supervision. When the temperature or combination of temperature and wind chill reach a concerning level (-5 degrees), students will remain indoors. Otherwise, it is expected that children spend a part of their school day on the playground at noontime and/or recess.


    Students needing to leave during school hours should present a note to the office from their parents/guardians. If you forget to send a note, please call the office at 773-1500 to let us know what time the child will be picked up and the reason for the early departure. The office will not release students to non-custodial parents or other adults unless the custodial parent or guardian has directed us to do so. If an unfamiliar person comes to pick up a student and the office has not been notified, we will call the parent/guardian to clarify the matter.


    All items presumed to be lost or misplaced by students will be placed in the lost and found bin which is located in the hallway near the cafeteria. Parents are welcome to search through the bin during school hours. The Lost and Found Manager will attempt to periodically go through the bins to look for labeled items which will then be placed in the student's mailbox to be returned to its owner. Additionally, lost and found items will be put out in the hallway between classrooms 13 and 14 during the weeks of the holiday concert and parent-teacher conferences and the last week of school. A reminder will be in the PTO newsletter prior to all these times. After the concert, conferences, and end of the year, the remaining items will be collected, laundered, and donated to a local social service agency. The school assumes no responsibility for lost items.