Playground Guidelines

  • No students are allowed to be left on the playground before or after school.

    The playground is open to the community after 6:00 p.m. on school days, and all day on non-school days.

    Full playground rules will be taught during PBIS reviews at the beginning of the school year and will be revisited as the year goes on. This is a general list of guidelines:

    Follow the McKinley Message:  Be Respectful, Responsible, and Caring. Respect for one another will make our playground a safe, fun place for all.  Respect for other students and adults will be expected at all times.  A discussion of what respect means will help reinforce. Remind children that the adults have the final say on what is or is not appropriate.  Disrespect is never an option.  Be respectful and caring to your fellow classmates

    • Follow the McKinley ROAR:

    Respectful & Responsible 

    Open Mind and Heart

    Awesome Attitude

    Ready to Learn

    • Try to maintain three feet of distancing: try new games!
    • Check the buddy bench – invite others to play.
    • Stay on school grounds within sight of supervisors. 
    • Only adults can get a ball or other equipment that goes into the street. 
    • No rough play of any kind is acceptable.  No wrestling.
    • Football: two handed touch only.  No slapping, no grabbing, no tackling.
    • Playground equipment use:
      • Do not hang off the railings or sit/stand on top of the playground structure.
      • Slides: Go down feet first on your bottom. 
      • NO TAG on the Turf.
      • Keep ice, snow, and rocks on the ground. (Put stray rocks in the rock beds.)
      • Eight is great on the see saw and spinner.
      • Monkey bars: land on feet or seat! 
      • Gaga Pit: Follow the rules!
    • Practice good sportsmanship.
    • If hurt, tell an adult.
    • Snow play: children must have boots, snow pants, coat, and mittens.
    • If something happens with a friend that makes you sad, frustrated, or angry, practice problem solving skills.  Ask an adult if you need help.


    These are a few rules that will help keep you safe as you play.  As a McKinley student we expect you to use good judgment and make smart decisions while on the playground.  Remember these rules are not meant to prevent you from having fun but to make sure you are safe at all times.