Elementary School Counseling Services

  • The Wauwatosa School District is committed to educating and supporting the "whole" child,  by promoting the highest possible levels of cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and ethical development for each child.

    To achieve this goal, every elementary school has either a school counselor and/or social worker and a psychologist to serve our students. You can read more about each of their roles below.

    Please contact your school’s main office or the Student Services staff assigned to your school for more information about scheduling appointments or utilizing this service. (see Your School Student Services Staff link under Resources)

    School Counselor/Social Worker

    Elementary Student Services staff foster the educational, career and social/emotional development of students throughout their academic careers. The goal is to support students in reaching their full academic potential and enjoy a positive school experience. Student Services staff work with students, parents, and fellow staff members to help students receive the support needed to be successful.  This includes small group sessions, peer mediating, and consultations.  Staff also provides assistance with coordinating school or outside agency services.  


    School psychologists are assigned to every school in the district on a part-time basis.  School psychologists bring expertise and experience in working with students across the spectrum of needs and assist in developing programs and interventions for students who may be struggling or advanced.  Psychologists participate as active members of individual student assessment teams, work with staff members in developing interventions for different types of learning needs, and work with students in identifying and minimizing barriers to learning.  The school psychologist is available to work with parents to discuss your child’s learning experience and needs.