Mr. James Bentley

    I have been a School Counselor in Wauwatosa since 1999. I received my Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and my Master’s in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University.

    As a School Counselor I believe that all students have a purpose in this world. My goals are to equip students with the skills necessary for them to achieve their post-secondary goals and to overcome any personal, social, or academic barriers to maximize their unique human potential.

    Outside of counseling, I am happily married and have a daughter. I love camping, playing cards, reading & relaxing, am active in my church and have been told I am a coffee snob.

    Mrs. Corroy

    I have been a School Psychologist in Wauwatosa since 2013. I currently split my time between Roosevelt, Wilson/WSTEM, and Longfellow. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and my Master’s and Education Specialist Degrees in School Psychology from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.

    As a School Psychologist, I perform a number of roles within the schools. I am involved in special education referrals and evaluations, but am also available to support ALL students who may be struggling with some aspect of their school day, whether it be academic, behavioral, or social/emotional. I enjoy working creatively with families and educators to find solutions to problems at school, so that all students can experience success at high levels. I am a strong believer in fostering a growth mindset in our students, and know that with the right support, all students can achieve their goals.

    Outside of school, I enjoy a happy life with my husband and two young sons. I love camping, hiking, travel, and spending time with my family in the community.

    Ms. Marcou

    I have been a School Counselor in Wauwatosa since 2018. I received my Master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and my Post-Graduate Certification in School Counseling from Mount Mary University.

    As a School Counselor, I believe that every student is unique and capable of achieving great things with the right encouragement and support systems in place. My goal is to be a positive connection to every student's support system and to ensure that all students have the tools to thrive at school and to overcome any academic, social, or personal challenges they may face along the way.  

    Ms. Russell-Berg

    I have been a School Counselor in Wauwatosa since 2019. I currently split my time between Longfellow and Whitman Middle School.  I received my Master's Degree in School Counseling from Marquette University and my Bachelors Degree in Human Development & Family Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

    As a school counselor, I believe all students have the ability to learn and be successful given the opportunity and support to do so. By creating positive relationships throughout the school, I hope to do what best benefits the students to ensure they leave school feeling like they have the skills and mindset to conquer obstacles and opportunities of what lies ahead.

    Outside of school, I enjoy an active life full of time being spent with family & friends. I coach a competitive dance team in Franklin, WI and love all things sports, especially the Milwaukee Brewers