District Health Information

  • In our District effort to provide services and opportunities that support the "whole" child, the District nurse provides direct health services to students and works to promote a healthy school environment, student health, and learning. This person also trains our staff to care for students when the nurse is not in the building, how to use emergency rescue medications such as EpiPens and diastat, and trains staff in CPR and first aid.  Additionally, the  District nurse:

    • monitors epidemics and disease outbreaks and connecting with public health officials;
    • identify threats to health in the school community (allergens, safety hazards, broken equipment, and facilities) and work to eliminate those problems as a cause of ill health;
    • provide leadership for the provision of health services, health policies, and programs;
    • provide a critical safety net for the most fragile students;
    • provide screening and referral for health conditions such as vision
    • enable children with chronic health conditions to attend school;
    • serve as a liaison between school personnel, family, community, and healthcare providers.
    • educate students and their families on health and safety concerns



    The Wauwatosa School District cares deeply about our community. Our COVID-19 Health Management and Exclusion Guidelines have been carefully considered to maximize our collective safety, health and welfare.



    Anytime a student needs medication at school, a parent or guardian must provide the medication in its original container along with a completed and signed Medication Request Form.  For more information on medication, please see "Medication Information for Parents."  We cannot use old forms, and must receive a new form at the start of every school year. 


    A Diabetes Management Medical Order for the School Year is the first step in assuring your child's success at school when he or she has diabetes.  The Medical Order is a doctor-provided form and must be delivered to your child's school and reviewed with a District Nurse before your child attends school.  When reviewing this plan with the District Nurse, together you will fill out a Diabetes Emergency Action Plan.  Both forms must be on file before the first day your child attends school.  We cannot use old forms and must receive a new form at the start of every school year.  

    Life-threatening Allergies

    In order for us to appropriately care for your student with severe allergies, we need to know a little about your student.  All students who have been prescribed an epi-pen should have an Allergy Action Plan completed by parents and their physician on file in the school office.  We cannot use old forms and must receive a new form at the start of every school year. 


    If your student is prescribed a rescue inhaler for Asthma, we need to know more about it.  Whether mild or severe, any student with a rescue inhaler should have an Asthma Action Plan completed by parents and their physician on file in the school office.  We cannot use old forms and must receive a new form at the start of every school year. 

    Seizure disorder

    So we can respond appropriately at school, we need to know more about your child and how to respond. A Seizure Action Plan will need to be completed by the parents and the child's provider and delivered to the District Nurse.  Once the District Nurse has received the plan, it will be sent to your student's school to be kept with their emergency medication in the office.  Please note: even if your student has a diagnosed seizure disorder, if there is no Seizure Action Plan on file in the office, 911 will be called for every seizure, no matter how short the seizure was.  We cannot use old forms, and must receive a new form at the start of every school year. 

    Other health concerns 

    When registering your child for school, completing the "health concerns" section is the first step for assuring appropriate care will be provided for your child while attending school.  If your child's health professional has ordered a special healthcare procedure to be performed during the school day, Authorization Forms for Healthcare Procedures (general, catheterization, and g-tube feedings) are available from a District Nurse.  Knowing something about your child is just the first step, however; we will want to work with you to develop a plan so your child can attend school safely!


Contact Information

    COVID-19 Nurse Line
    Phone: 414-773-1990
    Katelyn Lasse, BSN, RN, NCSN    
    District Nurse   
    West High School, Eisenhower Elementary, Montessori, 18-21 Transition Services                   
    Phone: 414-773-1961
    Alicia Styka, BSN, RN, NCSN
    Jefferson Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary
    Phone: 414-773-1962
    Tricia Ruesse, BSN, RN
    Longfellow Middle School, Lincoln Elementary, McKinley Elementary
    Phone: 414-773-1964
    Chong Yang, BSN, RN
    Whitman Middle School, Underwood/USTEM Elementary, Wilson/WSTEM Elementary
    Phone: 414-773-1968
    Melinda Belger, BSN, RN
    East High School, Washington Elementary, Madison Elementary
    Phone: 414-773-1969
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