• The Wauwatosa School District is committed to keeping staff, families, and the community informed about all that goes on within the District. This can range from communicating about enhancements to student learning, student achievements across the District, staff successes, opportunities to engage through events, the budget, the School Board and more.

    The communications office serves as the hub of District communications and is responsible for communicating the above information through various methods.

    Additionally, Communications:

    • Generates and manages the communication of critical district information, such as school closings, District-wide crisis communications, and emergency information.
    • Serves as the primary contact for media relations.
    • Manages the District social media accounts, and manages content on the District’s website, including news and announcements.
    • Produces a weekly internal staff newsletter, a monthly District newsletter, annual community publications and all marketing materials.

    Below are descriptions of the communication tools we use to communicate.

    District e-Newsletter

    The e-Newsletter has the purpose of keeping parents, families, and the community informed about noteworthy achievements from across the District, as well as important news including curriculum enhancements, learning improvements, and school board news on a routine basis. Currently, this is shared via an e-Newsletter once a month via email. The District e-Newsletter is also posted on the District website.

    School Reporter

    An annual printed publication mailed out each spring to the entire community highlighting key work, successes, and achievements from the year, as well as a look ahead. The School Reporter is also posted as a digital version online.

    District Website: News 

    Do you enjoy being the one to inform your neighbors and friends of news? Do you hate being the last to find out about something? Well, you can always be the first to know what is going on in the District by checking the “News” section of our district website.

    District Website: Announcements

    Information shared via the Announcements section on the homepage of the District website will be brief notifications. Examples may include weather cancellations, school closings, changes to scheduled programming etc.

    Text Alerts

    The District utilizes text message alerts to communicate time-sensitive or urgent information to parents in the event of school closures, weather-related cancellations, or emergency situations. In most cases, the text will direct parents to check their email for additional or follow-up communication when needed. Text messages from the district will not be utilized for routine communication. Standard charges for text messaging will apply.

    Automated Phone Calls

    The District utilizes an automated voicemail to communicate critical information such as school closures, weather-related closures, and other time-sensitive information.


    The District works with the media to share stories that appeal to a broader community audience. 

    Social Media

    The District utilizes social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect parents, the community, and prospective families to the outstanding work we are doing in the classroom on a daily basis. Social media is also used for updates, announcements, and school closures.


    Twitter: @tosaschools


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